@ @To foreign applicants for a doctoral course

My research topics are urban planning, transportation planning and regional and urban policies that lead to a sustainable and better society. In particular, my interests are to understand the spatial interdependencies between urban activities and urban & transportation planning (or policies), using urban and regional economics and econometrics. If you are interested in this line of study, I can support your research.

I have supervised three foreign Ph.D. students. They were all supported by Japanese government scholarships. As financial support is very important for your studies, I recommend that you apply for a scholarship such as the Japanese governmentfs gMonbukagakusho scholarshiph. After that, all applicants are required to take an entrance examination.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter by e-mail. The resume should include results of courses studied at undergraduate and graduate levels. The cover letter should provide an introduction of yourself and your specific areas of interest.



 Regional and Urban Planning
 Graduate School of Information
 Sciences Tohoku University
 (Kono Lab.)
 Aoba 6-6-06, Aramaki, Aobaku,
 Sendai, 980-8579, JAPAN


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